Jesus blesses the disciples by revealing His perfect union with the Almighty Father in prayer. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Gratitude so he lives a life of constant gratitude to God for his many blessings and by seeking the Gift of Knowledge from the Holy Spirit so he can be guided by the Spirit to draw others to Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church. 


1st Week of Advent – Tuesday – Lk 10:21-24


After commissioning His 12 Apostles and then sending out an additional 70 men to preach the Gospel to many villages in Galilee, Jesus welcomes His men back, rejoicing that His Kingdom has been preached. Granting His disciples superhuman powers, including immunity from deadly snakes and scorpions and from the attacks of the enemy (Satan), Jesus warns the men to not rejoice in the powers granted, but because He will reward them by designating them to be saints in Heaven. 

Turning to God the Father, Jesus rejoices that God’s great plan of Salvation History is being accomplished. In just a few short lines, Jesus’ prayer to the Father is a powerful blessing to those who hear, revealing the closeness and perfect love between the Father and the Son. Jesus reveals His perfect obedience to, and reverence for, God the Father. Jesus expresses His heart-deep thanks for His Father’s blessings. He confirms the Father’s absolute dominion over all Creation, and that the Father has given this infinite power to Jesus. 

As Jesus prays, He reveals through His example how men can approach the Father in prayer, by praying with deep gratitude for the blessings the Father has bestowed on men. Jesus warns men that God the Father hides Himself from the arrogant (the self-proclaimed “wise”), but through His gracious mercy, He reveals Himself to the innocent (infants). Because Jesus is the only Son of God the Father, He is the only source of the wisdom of how to draw close to the Father. To receive the wisdom Jesus offers, men must draw close to Jesus through humility, dependence, obedience and the gratitude of a child. After Jesus’ prayer, He privately reveals to the disciples the profound blessing they have been given in their witness of His prayer in the Holy Spirit to God the Father.  

Be Awed by Jesus Christ

Ponder in your heart, the astounding truth which Jesus, Son of the Father, reveals: though appearing with a Human Nature (flesh and blood), Jesus is a Divine Person of the Trinity with Authority and Dominion over all Creation; as the Son, Jesus is in perfect union with the Father and has exclusive Divine Knowledge of the Father, for which He Rejoices; the Son reveals the frightening truth that the Father is selective, mysteriously allowing some to come to faith while to others, faith is hidden; Jesus confirms that He is the exclusive way for men to come to the Father (eternal salvation).

Continually thank God for your many blessings

Realize: In an astounding act of love, Jesus offers every Catholic man the chance to see His love for God the Father in prayer. 

Believe: Reflect upon Christ’s Prayer (CCC 2603, 2701).

Pray: Jesus Christ, Perfection of Gratitude, help me build the Virtue of Gratitude (a part of Justice) so I continually recognize and give You thanks for the countless blessings You have given me in my life.

Seek to draw many to Christ’s Holy Catholic Church

Realize: Behind the warm sentiments and nostalgia about the holidays (literally, holy days), there is a widespread modern belief that, “all paths lead to Heaven”; Jesus says otherwise: “no one knows the Father except the Son and any one to whom the Son chooses to reveal Him.” 

Believe: Reflect upon the truth that Outside the Church there is no Salvation (CCC 846-848).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of Knowledge so I can know when and how to most effectively evangelize those who are not Catholic so that they might draw closer to Christ and be saved through His Holy Catholic Church.