Jesus warns heretical Christians of their coming destruction in the Parable of the Builder. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by seeking the Fear of the Lord from the Holy Spirit so he can always anguish over being ever separated from Jesus Christ and by seeking the Gift of Wisdom so he can build his life on the “rock” of the commandments of Christ.


1st Week of Advent – Thursday – Mt 7:21, 24-27


In the grand summary of His Gospel in the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus exhorts men to produce good works and explains how good works flow from a man’s commitment to build an inner life exclusively on Him and His teachings. Half measures lead to destruction. 

Jesus confirms that His Judgment is coming to all souls, and that many do not enter the Kingdom of Heaven; shockingly, including even those who outwardly appear to be Christian. Like He judges the false prophets who spread confusion and immorality, Jesus also judges false Christians, who say, “Lord, Lord”, and do pretentious acts of public piety but are far from Jesus in their hearts. He condemns them as evildoers who will not enter the Kingdom of Heaven (v 22-23 omitted). Jesus sees through false words and false works and is the sole Judge of each man’s soul. 

Rather than following the formulaic or outer acts of piety of the Pharisees or what false prophets promote, Jesus calls men to be completely obedient to His Word. Using The Parable of the Builder, Jesus exhorts men to strive to grow in sainthood (digging a deep foundation) by focusing on His teachings (foundational rock) and to build their lives (house) on Him. Men who lazily fail to strive for sainthood (digging a shallow foundation) and attempt to live their lives (build a house) based on faulty morality, philosophy or religion (sand), will face destruction when the Judgment comes (catastrophic storms).  The crowds are in awe of Him because Jesus speaks with Divine Authority; likely, they are also stunned and frightened by Jesus’ assertion He has the power to judge men’s souls, and He condemns even seemingly pious men.

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Consider, with holy fear and a firm commitment to amendment, what Jesus, the Divine King, says about salvation: Divine Judge, He condemns those who fail to yield the good fruit of good works as evil-doers; Divine Prophet and the perfection of Diligence (a part of Justice), He offers a compelling and memorable parable to confirm God’s use of Vindication (a part of Justice in which the just are rewarded and the unjust are punished), protecting/saving those who diligently conform their lives to Him (build on rock) and allowing the total destruction (both temporal and eternal) of those who reject Him through laziness, stupidity, or evil (build on sand). 

Long for the Fear of the Lord

Realize: While it should be no surprise God condemns unrepentant sinners who commit grave sins (atheists, murderers, rapists, fornicators, adulterers, sexual perverts, thieves, liars, etc.), be shocked that Jesus condemns even those who falsely pretend to be Christians.

Believe: Reflect upon your Judgment (CCC 678-682, 1021-1022, 1038-1041).

Pray: Holy Spirit, help me always fear the fires of Hell and give me the Gift of the Fear of the Lord so I realize each  sins is a choice to turn away from You, I recognize my desperate need for You to save me, and I strive to never do anything that can separate me from You.

Build your life on the Commandments of Christ

Realize: Modern society’s recent foolish new ideas to pridefully embrace acts which have always been, and remain, objectively sinful, is a “house built on sand”; it is a house that will be swept away. 

Believe: Reflect upon the Morality of Human Acts (CCC 1749-1761).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of Wisdom so I accept The 10 Commandments, I more fully recognize my sins, and I always strive to conform all my thoughts, words, and deeds to the certain “rock” of Your Commandments.