Jesus reveals the faithful must be vigilant to be spared from the destruction to come. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by seeking the Gift of Piety from the Holy Spirit so he can prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ and by building the Virtue of Diligence so he can grow in holy vigilance. 


1st Week of Advent – Sunday – Cycle A – Mt 24:37-45


After mysteriously predicting His Passion and Resurrection,  Jesus comforts His men with the promise of His Second Coming, when He will come again in great power and glory in the clouds. The days building up to His Second Coming will be stressful, particularly for unbelievers: there will be cosmic events in the skies and the entire world will be shaken and in chaos, leaving those without faith with nowhere to turn. 

Jesus likens His Second Coming to the sudden cataclysmic destruction revealed in the well-known Old Testament account of Noah and the Flood. During Noah’s time, despite perversion and sinfulness, human activities continued up until the sudden and devastating flood. Despite the appearance of normality in human activities, where there is perversion and sinfulness at the time of His Second Coming, there will be sudden destruction.

While the destruction and death that will  accompany His Second Coming will be widespread, Jesus reveals that there will be a mysterious intervention by God to protect the faithful and allow them to survive. When the destruction occurs, men (or women) in identical circumstances (in the same place, doing the same thing) will experience very different outcomes, with some being saved by God (left) and the rest will be destroyed (taken), a revelation that righteous men will be miraculously saved, and unrepentant sinful men will be destroyed. Jesus urges men to be perpetually on watch so they are prepared to meet Him, for He will come at an unexpected time. To prepare, men must lead their families to continually seek holiness by repenting from sin and growing in faith, so that they, and their families, are among those miraculously saved from the destruction at His Second Coming. 

Be Awed by Jesus Christ

Today begins the start of the Liturgical year with the first Sunday of Advent. While joyfully anticipating the birth of Jesus at Christmas, the Church begins with Jesus’ somber Warning of the unavoidable Judgment: Divine Prophet, Jesus gives clear Warning that every man will have to stand before Him in the Judgment; the perfection of Diligence, Jesus Sternly commands His men to be constantly on guard for their lives can quickly end without Warning.

Prepare for the coming of Jesus Christ

Realize: Advent (meaning, “coming, approach, arrival of Christ”) is the 4-week liturgical season before Christmas which is a period of devout and joyful expectation of Jesus’ Second Coming, but also a time for every Catholic man to beg Jesus to come into his daily life so he can grow in holiness and prepare for eternal life. 

Believe: Reflect upon The Preparations for Christ’s Coming (CCC 522-524).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of Piety so You fill me with a great reverence for Advent, I joyously engage in the many prayers and rituals of the Advent season, and I am draw ever closer to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ every day.

Grow in Holy Vigilance

Realize: Just as Adam was created and prepared by God with the innate ability and desire to protect Eve and to vigilantly watch over creation, all men are created by God with the special capacity to be watchful; men are “systematizers” who anticipate, observe, protect and defend, all key categories of being “watchful.” 

Believe: Reflect upon Vigilance (CCC 2088, 2621, 2730, 2733, 2849).

Pray: Jesus, Divine King, help me build the Virtue of Diligence (a part of Temperance) so I can vigilantly live a more holy and orderly life, I prepare and lead my family in the faith, and I strive to become spiritually ready to meet You at any time.