Jesus confirms those who do the will of His Almighty Father are part of His family. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Piety so he can draw closer to the Mother of God and by pursuing the Virtue of Observance so he can honor his parents by caring for them in old age. 


16th Week in Ordinary time – Tuesday – Mt 12:46-50


As Jesus teaches the crowds, some of His male kin (“brethren” were relatives of Joseph and Mary from Nazareth), seek to seize Jesus and return Him to the simple life in Nazareth (Mk 3:21). They seek the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary to meet Jesus, but when they are blocked by the massive crowds, she sends a message to Jesus. His spontaneous response is a powerful invitation for all to come to Him: all men and women who do the will of God are His family, and each are related in the Spirit to each other.

While some mistakenly think Jesus disrespects His mother, He instead highly honors her. Jesus, the Son of God, perfectly keeps all the laws, including The 4th Commandment, to “Honor your father and mother…”.  Person of the Trinity, Jesus causes the Immaculate Conception of Mary and loves her deeply; He will crown her the Queen of Heaven, the greatest honor a human could receive. When Jesus reveals that she “who does the will of the Father is His mother”, He is describing the Blessed Virgin Mary’s perfect submission to the Father’s will in  her fiat (Lk 1:38). 

Some falsely believe the term, “brethren” of Jesus proves the Blessed Virgin Mary bore other children. The Church confirms the truth that Jesus was the only child of the Virgin Mary, who remained a virgin her entire life: Hebrew had no word for “cousin” and used “brethren” instead; the “brethren of Jesus” are never called the “children of Mary”; James and Joseph, mentioned as brethren of Jesus, are sons of another Mary (Mt 27:56); at the Crucifixion, Jesus, by Jewish custom, would not have given his Mother into St. John’s care if He had blood brothers. 

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Marvel at how Jesus loves His mother: Son of God, Jesus is the perfection of Charity; Son of Mary, Jesus perfectly loves His mother; perfection of Piety (a part of Justice), Jesus perfectly keeps The 4th Commandment by offering Veneration and Obedience (parts of Justice) to His mother (and St. Joseph).  

Draw closer to the Mother of God

Realize: In God’s infinite wisdom, He desires that all men have the blessing of a mother (and father!). Unlike all other mothers who sin, fail their children in various ways, and eventually die, Jesus has given all men an eternal and perfect Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, who never fails to love and help those who come to her. 

Believe: Reflect upon Devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary (CCC 963-975, 2673-2679, 2682).

Pray: Jesus, Son of Mary, help me build the Virtue of Piety so I am moved to honor Your Mother, come to realize that she is my Mother, and be blessed to more fully receive the Blessed Virgin Mary’s intercession and happiness in my life.   

Honor your parents by caring for them in old age

Realize: Every man requires the care of parents as he matures from infancy to manhood and most who survive to old age require care in the final stages of life. God has given every Catholic man the blessing of The 4th Commandment so that he understands his just obligation to honor and care for his parents in their old age. 

Believe: Reflect upon The 4th Commandment (CCC 2197-2257).

Pray: Jesus, Son of Joseph and Mary, help me build the Virtue of Observance (a part of Justice) so I am grateful for my parent’s care as I grew up and so I can joyfully take on the blessing of caring for my parents as they grow old.