Jesus casts out a demon from a mute man and gives him the ability to speak. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by seeking the Fruits of Kindness and Gentleness from the Holy Spirit so he can overcome hatred with Truth and by seeking the Gift of Fortitude so he can always strive to bring many to the Kingdom of God. 


14th Week in Ordinary time – Tuesday – Mt 9:32-38


As He continues to heal many, a man made mute by a demon is brought to Jesus by his neighbors in a communal act of faith and Jesus effortlessly casts out the demon. The crowds, who had witnessed the mute demoniac’s daily torment, marvel (has the same root word in Greek as “miracle”) when the healed man speaks. The Pharisees, hardened in their religious piety and bound by their man-made rules which lead them to neglect compassion, skeptically accuse Jesus of being a follower of Satan. 

Jesus, a robust and keenly vigorous man, keeps a grueling schedule, going to “all the cities and villages”, preaching continually and healing “every disease and infirmity.” Full of compassion (meaning to, “be with another’s suffering”), Jesus confirms His solidarity with all the children of His Creation, toiling to heal the sick and call the lost, a preview of His willingness to suffer for men when He will sacrifice His life in the Passion.  

The Son of God, a Person of the Trinity, revealed in the Old Testament that man has a desperate need for a Shepherd (Num 27:17; 2 Sam 5:2-3; Ezek 34), prophecies which are fulfilled when Jesus reveals Himself to be the Good Shepherd (Jn 10:16). Jesus also confirms men suffer, men need to be saved from suffering, men will be judged (the “harvest”), and men need firm guidance in the Spiritual Combat of life. He challenges the disciples to prepare themselves to evangelize by asking them to pray for the help of the Lord of the Harvest, who is God Himself.

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Be grateful for the Divine Charity of Jesus: Jesus, in His Human Nature, has the deepest Compassion for those who suffer; the perfection of Justice, Jesus is driven to Protect/Defend (a part of Justice) those who are harassed and helpless; the perfection of Charity, Jesus tirelessly performs Works of Mercy (Corporal: Healing the Sick; Spiritual: Instructing the Ignorant, Comforting the Sorrowful)

Seek the Spirit to overcome hatred with Truth

Realize: As Jesus was falsely slandered by the Pharisees when they called Him a disciple of the devil, Catholic men who profess the fullness of truth of the Catholic faith are falsely slandered by those who are confused or evil by being called a “hater”,  “phobic”, “lacking mercy”, “traditionalist”, “ultra-orthodox”, “conservative”, “fundamentalist”, “rigid”, “stuck in the past”, or a “religious nut”; every Catholic man is called to simply be Catholic and profess the fullness of the Truth found in the Catholic Church. 

Believe: Review the Offenses Against Truth (CCC 2475-2487).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Fruits of Kindness and Gentleness so no matter how the ignorance, confused and evil slander me, I always refrain from retaliating with hatred and slander, and I persevere to proclaim the fullness of truth revealed in Christ’s Holy Catholic Church. 

Strive to bring many to the Kingdom of God

Realize: In response to the widespread suffering of mankind, Jesus compassionately urges His men to ask God to create and send evangelists (“laborers for the harvest”); today, more than ever, mankind desperately needs for God to send evangelists and every Catholic man has the duty to evangelize. 

Believe: Review the call for every Catholic man to Evangelize (CCC 1-3).

Pray: Holy Spirit, give me the Gift of Fortitude so I have Your supernatural strength to persevere in courage to heroically evangelize my family, friends, and many others, drawing them to Christ’s Kingdom; Lord, fortify me to evangelize by allowing me to receive You, the Good News, in Your Sacrament of the Eucharist.