Jesus drives a legion of demons out of a pagan man in Gadarenes. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Prudence so he can vigilantly watch for and recognize the attacks of Satan and by strengthening the Virtue of Defense so he can vigorously act defend himself and his family when Satan attacks. 


13th Week in Ordinary Time – Wednesday – Mt 8:28-34


Having demonstrated His dominion over Creation (including Satan) by calming the sea (Mt 8:23-27), Jesus now directly demonstrates His absolute power over Satan by casting out demons. Landing in the Gentile pagan territory of the Gadarenes, Jesus previews His love for all men and His intention to evangelize the entire world.   

Near the sea, Jesus and His Apostles pass by the tombs of the dead where the locals feared to tread. Two savage demoniacs emerge, tormented men possessed by Satan’s hordes of demons, who live with the rot of the dead. Rebellious, but afraid, the demons offer several great revelations, calling Jesus, “Son of God”, and hinting at the coming Judgment (“torment before the time”); ironically, they are first to recognize Jesus is the Son of God. The Apostles, stunned by Jesus’ miraculous calming of the sea during a violent storm, wondered about Jesus’ identity and now know: Jesus is God. 

Calm in the face of terror, with a simple word (“Go!), Jesus drives Satan’s demons into a herd of unclean pigs, that are tormented by the demons and stampede over a cliff and drown in the sea. Alerted by the shocked herdsmen, the whole city, afraid but unwilling to give themselves to God, beg Jesus to depart. Jesus, allowing men their free will to choose to follow Him or not, leaves.    

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Marvel at how Jesus builds the Kingdom of God in this passage: Divine King, Jesus has a deliberate plan to spend a short time in Gentile territories and performs an astounding miraculous act which will lead to mass conversion; with Courage (a part of Fortitude), Jesus confronts the terrifying demon-possessed men and with Divine Power and as Protector, expels Satan and his demon horde; Divine Charity, Jesus performs Corporal Works of Mercy, not only healing the sick/demon-possessed man, but freeing him from a pitiful homelessness of wandering among the tombs of the dead.  

Be Prudent and vigilantly watch for the attacks of Satan

Realize: While modern men sarcastically scoff at “the devil” as a false belief of superstitious rubes, Satan’s existence is obvious to any prudent man who reflects upon the horrific acts of evil that are constantly in the news; every Catholic man must come to grips with the reality that Satan and demons prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls. 

Believe: Reflect upon the reality of the Evil One (CCC 391-395, 2851).

Pray: Jesus, Perfection of Wisdom, help me grow in the Virtue of Prudence so I grasp the reality of Satan and vigilantly watch for and recognize Satan’s subtle attacks upon me, my family or those I know. 

Vigorously defend yourself and your family against Satan

Realize: Men seem powerless against the supernatural powers of the Evil One, leading some to fall into despair and simply tolerate or even cooperate with evil; take comfort that Jesus has prepared and given power to His Holy Catholic Church to battle Satan. 

Believe: Reflect upon the reality that the Catholic Church the power to battle against the Evil One (CCC 550, 1237, 1673, 2854).

Pray: Jesus, Divine Protector, help me build the Virtue of Protection/Defense (a part of Justice) so I am always on guard against Satan’s spiritual attacks on me and my family, I constantly seek Your protection, I take preventative measures by receiving a priest’s blessing of the home, and I always vigorously respond to spiritually defend and protect my family; if someone is under serious attack or possession by Satan, guide me to holy Catholic priests who are spiritually prepared and ready to help.