Jesus embarrasses some devious scribes for their blasphemous accusations. Every Catholic man can grow in happiness by building the Virtue of Faith so he can love God more completely and by growing in the Virtue of Observance so he can love, forgive, honor and serve his father and mother. 


10th Week in Ordinary Time – Sunday – Cycle B – Mk 3:20-35


As Jesus’ reputation grows, great crowds begin to follow Him, sometimes becoming dangerously enthusiastic (Mk 3:9). At Simon-Peter’s house in Capernaum, the multitudes are so overwhelming that some of Jesus’ male kin (cousins, older uncles) seek to “seize” (same word used for Jesus’ later arrest by the Jews during the Passion) and return Him to the quiet work of a carpenter in Nazareth; His relatives believe that Jesus is “out of His mind”, perhaps even fearing that Jesus is demon-possessed.   

Scribes from Jerusalem, sent to spy on Jesus, murmured among themselves, absurdly accusing Jesus of colluding with Beelzebul; “Beelzebul” was a derogatory term (“Lord of Dung”) Jews used for the false god of the Philistines, who, in reality, was Satan. The scoffing scribes attempt to publicly denigrate the Son of Man with a severe accusation which could be punished by stoning Him to death. Revealing the absurdity of their murderous slur, Jesus exposes their illogical accusation by pointing out that Satan does not attack Satan, and then mercifully warns the scribes that their false accusations are blasphemous and unforgivable, for they are blaspheming against the Holy Spirit, and risk shutting themselves off from God. 

The Blessed Virgin Mary and Jesus’ brethren (cousins, uncles) seek to draw close to Jesus, but cannot due to the crowds. When told,  Jesus’ spontaneous response is powerful: all men and women who do the will of God are His family, and each are related in the Holy Spirit to each other. Rather than ignoring or insulting the Holy Mother, Jesus, who perfectly keeps all the laws, including The 4th Commandment (Honor thy father and mother) is exalting the Blessed Virgin Mary: in her Immaculate Conception, the Blessed Virgin Mary is the only person who perfectly does God’s will as shown by her blessed fiat (Lk 1:38). The Blessed Virgin Mary is not shunned; she is highly honored by the Son of God as the perfect example for all souls. 

Be awed by Jesus Christ

Marvel at the Divine Fortitude of Jesus as He not only courageously responds to the false accusations by the scribes that He was possessed by a demon, for which He could be stoned, but He goes even further, fearlessly accusing His accusers of non-forgivable blasphemy against the Spirit of God. 

Grow in Faith to love God more completely

Realize: Like the confused scribes, some Catholic men today are confused about Jesus; some stop practicing the faith, some dabble in the occult and superstition, some have doubts, and some have even come to deny God’s existence. 

Believe: Reflect upon The 1st Commandment (CCC 2084-2141).

Pray: Almighty Father, help me build the Virtue of Faith so I can have an absolute belief in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit, I am preserved against doubt and idolatry, and I always love You with all my mind, all my heart, and all my strength. 

Love, forgive, honor and serve your father and mother

Realize: Fathers and mothers sin against their children in various ways, including depriving children of a father and a mother by failing to marry or stay married, abusing their children mentally or physically, or by ignoring or abandoning their children; many grown men carry deep scars due to their parent’s failure and struggle to fully respect and love their parents. 

Believe: Reflect upon The 4th Commandment (CCC 2197-2257).

Pray: Jesus, Son of Joseph and Mary, help me build the Virtue of Observance (a part of Justice) so that I can love, forgive, honor, and serve my parents as God has commanded; Lord, have mercy on the dearly departed.